Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Recap and Weekend Results

Happy New Year!  Let's kick our 2010 into gear and have a  fulfilling and awesome year!  I've got several things on my plate this year, including my wedding (YEAH!).  I've got a lot to prepare for, and a lot to be thankful for!

2009 Recap:

  • February - Traveled to Australia with my good friend Liz.  Had a fantastic time, and now I'm wishing I could go back and do it all over again!
  • May-August - Worked in fire again, and semi-loved it, but was grateful to find a new venue
  • September - Started a detail into my current job
  • October - Moved in with Dustin (MY FIANCE!)
  • December - Finally found out that I got my job!  Permanent, full-time.  Benefits!  Yay!
  • December - Got engaged!  Dustin proposed on Christmas morning!  It was perfect!
  • Lost 5 pounds...not as much as I want, but a start
So, all in all, a pretty good year.  Some ups and downs, but mostly ups.  And good ups at that.  Wow, my writing skills are great today!  Sorry about that.

New Year's Eve was pretty fun, although I feel like an old fart, because as soon as the clock struck midnight, Dustin and I were pretty much passed out and ready for bed!  I think booze had a little bit to do with it, though.  I didn't exactly eat well that night and I consumed quite a few tasty adult beverages, but it was fun!

New Year's Day was considerably uneventful.  In fact, we pretty much laid in bed all day, watching football and napping.  The good thing was that I didn't eat much; the bad was that what I did eat wasn't that great for me and I did not hydrate myself well from the night before.  Bad Caitlin!

Saturday was a different story!  We were having my parents (and his) over for dinner that night, so we frantically cleaned the house all day long!  It is amazing how our cleaning habits seem to work that way.  I love having a clean house but I don't take the time to do it very often, resulting in piles of crap everywhere.  But when you say someone is coming over, it is balls to the wall (excuse the expression) cleaning time, and I get a clean house as a result.  The only exception to this is that damn spare bedroom that you can hardly walk into because of the clutter.  I need to get on that goal of getting it organized!

Yesterday Dustin, a friend of ours, and I went and cut firewood all day long!  We have some juniper trees on our property that his dad had previously knocked down with the cat, and all of this good firewood has been brewing as a result.  So we packed up the chainsaws (yes, I can run a chainsaw, which is something I'm extremely proud of) and headed out to cut.  It was a great day with perfect weather; it felt like April, not the first of January.  I also got a great workout in, as I discovered that running the saw is a great core workout!  My abs are sore today, as well as my forearms.

After we finished that project, we checked some traps of ours and went home and SHOWERED.  I was in desperate need of one after how much sweat poured out when cutting firewood.  Now here comes the best part of the day:

Even though I got a great workout in all day, I still went to the gym!!!!!!  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited and proud of my decision!  Most days, I would have called it good after cutting, but yesterday I knew that I wanted to get a good run in.  Maybe it is the New Year resolution motivation coming out, but I think there was something more to it, like maybe my mind and my body are answering to the same voice in my head that says I want to be fit and lose weight!  Non-scale victory right there!

Speaking of the scale, my next weigh-in is Wednesday.  I'm pretty excited about it to be honest.  Not sure if the scale is going to budge, but I know it won't go up, and I'm in the process of making it go down.  Just keep swimming, as Dori would say.

By the way, I'm 4 miles down on my 60 Mile January Challenge.  56 to go!

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  1. Way to go on the challenge. I give up on a clean house, with two kids the best I can do is "tidy" :-). Although I know what you mean.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and Congrats on the engagement, that's so exciting!


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