Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forget about yesterday....focus on today!

Thank God each day is a NEW day!  I ended the night so bad last night, and I was really worried that it would carry over into today, but so far so good.  I had an ok day yesterday, except for the fact that I skipped my workout and instead drank 2 beers (light at least) before dinner and then waited about 2 hours (or what seemed like an eternity) to have dinner, which ended up being pizza.  Needless to say, Dustin had a cranky bitch on his hands after that fiasco was over.  He is really starting to understand the importance of getting food in my belly in a timely manner, especially since he's seen the results of that not happening about 3 times in the last week.


Today is a new day!  I'm doing much better, and I have a looooooonnnnnnngggggg workout planned for tonight so I can make up some extra miles because I'm seriously behind.  Like I need to run 10 miles a day behind to catch up.  Ok, not that bad, but I've got to get my 60 miles in by January 29 because I'm heading out of town to shop for wedding dresses on Jan. 30, so there will probably be no running, except maybe from some bridezillas at David's Bridal.

I've been super on track with eating today, and for some reason unknown to me, I've only had breakfast and no snack and I'M NOT HUNGRY!  When does that ever happen?  Like maybe when I'm sleeping!

Also, in other breaking news, I signed up for SparkPeople yesterday.  I'm glad I did, because I need start tracking better, and its fun.  I have no idea what happens when I get SparkPoints, but I like seeing them add up, so more power to them!

Check back tomorrow morning and make sure I've added several miles to my post.  I'm going to get in a good one!

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