Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm really trying hard to stay motivated, but I can already feel the self-doubt coming on.  How horrible is that?  I guess not really, because that is why most people stay at the same weight or gain weight.  Self-doubt is something that will never go away, no matter how hard you try to overcome it.  And that is the secret to keeping those feelings at bay.  TRYING.  Working hard to combat those feelings.  It's a life process, one that is neverending and tiresome.  I'm sure I'll give in many more times in my life, but it's up to me to bounce back from that self-doubt and become self-confidant and know that this journey (life journey) is worth my time.

And hello!!  I've got a freakin' wedding to keep me motivated!!!  Only 24 more days until I start trying on dresses, so get with it Caitlin!!!  That is enough time to get a good base in for my weight loss and fitness, and enough time to tone up and look decent in a dress!  I've got one week to get that damn scale down to 163.  I can do it, damn it!

*And there you have the inner workings of my mind.  Do I maybe sound a little like Jillian?  Not quite, but I like to think I do.  I wish she was in my mind telling me what to do.

So tonight it's back to the gym, working on my fitness, working on my January Miles Challenge.  Not making excuses and going home instead!  (By the way, that is what happened to me last night, but it was a great night of rest!)  Getting in a good 4 miles to catch up (because its about a 2 mile a day challenge).  Getting in some ab work.  Pushing myself because I CAN!

And after that gym session, I'm going to the store to get healthy stuff to make dinner and getting home so I can finish watching The Biggest Loser.  I had to start it late last night because someone wanted to watch the Orange Bowl instead.  So then I got tired and we went to bed.  And even though I already know who gets voted off, I love watching their stories!  So motivating!

And that's all for now folks!

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