Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weign-In Wednesday & Goals

And now what you've all been waiting for...

Weigh-In Wednesday!

Ok so maybe I'm the only person that tries not to step on the scale from Thursday through Tuesday, and really the only person that actually cares how much I weigh.  However, it motivates me when I think that someone out there reads my blog and wonders just how much, if any, weight Caitlin has lost for the week.

This week I'm happy to report that the scale said............163!

I'm down another pound!  13 more to go!

I'm pretty thrilled, considering that I had kind of a crappy weekend in the eating department.  But I've been working out hard and eating well *most* days, and it has apparently paid off!

With Weigh-In Wednesday, I'm also going to start posting my weekly goals.  It's just easier to do both at the same time instead of different days.  So here goes:
  1. I've got 9 more miles to do by Sunday for my January Miles Challenge.  Then begins February Fitness Challenge (I'll explain in a minute), which will also include 60 miles.  So by my calculations, I want to will get in at least 14 miles by the end of next Tuesday.
  2. Eat within my calorie range.  This might be a toughy (is that really a word?) considering that I'm going out of town this weekend.  However, here's the deal:  I track my calories on SparkPeople, which says I can have anywhere between 1500 and 1900 calories.  So the plan is to stay within that range.  While I'm still home, I'm going to stick closer to the 1500 mark and while I'm gone I just want to stay below the 1900 mark.
  3. I've been doing good in the cardio department, but my strength training is essentially nonexistent.  So with that, I will strength train at least twice a week.  This will mean doing both upper and lower body in one session, so that I will get at least two workouts each week for both.  I need to hold myself accountable! 
That is pretty simple, even though I wrote a book on each goal.  It's just 3 little (big) goals and I will accomplish them!

As I mentioned above, I'm switching my monthly challenge to the February Fitness Challenge.  January was all about the miles, and February will be too.  But, in accordance to goal number 3, I will include strength training and plyos into the mix.  I'm ready to get on top of it.  There are 3 less days in February, so I really need to stick to my workouts so I don't get behind in miles.  A good challenge!

Have a happy day!

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