Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tummy Troubles

I worked out last night, meaning to go a good 4 miles.  However, the upset tummy demon caught me again and I spent half of my workout time in the bathroom.  Yuck!  I really need to find out what is causing that.  I'd like to say it only happens every now and then, but to be honest its almost a daily occurence.  I don't think I'm allergic to anything, but I need to watch certain foods I eat.

This may sound weird, but I really don't mind when my belly is upset.  When it is cramping and hurts, yes I do, but when it is just rumbly and such, I don't mind it.  I think it is because I am just used to it.  It's pretty bad to say that I don't mind having the shits.  The only time that I really mind it is when I'm trying to get a good workout in.  I mean, I was so motivated to rock that treadmill last night, but grumbly tummy got in the way.

Needless to say I only got in 2.5 miles.  Not bad but I'm behind in my miles for the month.  Tonight I'm going to stick to it until I get in at least 4.5 miles of running/walking.  I have no fiance to go home to tonight, so I can spend all the time I want in the gym, working my ass off.  I'm so ready to see that scale go down, and I know that if I work hard enough this week, I'll be down at least a pound.  Keep it up!

I was reading Scale Junkie's post about planning out food.  It is completely true for me too!  I am the most successful in my health journey when I plan it out.  And come to think of it, I'm pretty much more successful in everything I do when I plan.  I should probably add that to my goals for the month.  Not only am I going to get in 60+ miles, I'm going to plan my meals each week.  I am proud of myself though, because while I'm in desperate need of going to the grocery store, I haven't made it yet this week.  Last night I was really wondering what I was going to make myself for dinner, and I could have gone an easy route and made mac-n-cheese or something gross like that, but I went healthy.

*And the lightbulb went off just now as I was thinking about what I ate for dinner.  I had cantaloupe for dinner, as well as yesterday as a mid-morning snack.  My tummy was rumbly all day after that, and also rumbly all night.  Ding Ding Ding!!!!  Cantaloupe!  *Note to self:  Don't eat cantaloupe before a workout!!!

On another note, I'm proud of myself:  I took my vitamins last night and this morning!!!  I've been slacking lately, and I need to get my routine back for taking them twice a day!

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  1. Ooo, sorry about the tummy troubles - and fruit will do that to ya, lol!


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