Friday, January 15, 2010

Sick Day

Yesterday I took a sick day from work.  I have this eye thing that's been bugging me lately, and I woke up with it hurting and a little goopy (sp.?).  So I decided to call in sick.  After I did this a wave of guilt passed over me, because I knew full well that I would have been fine to go to work for the day.  I did a little bit of angel/devil thinking though, and came up with the conclusion that they didn't need me there anyway, and I hadn't taken any time off during Christmas and the rest of the holidays, so this was my mini vacation.

Despite the fact that my eye was bugging me, I got so much accomplished yesterday!  We have a LOT to do before the wedding, and because we are having the ceremony and reception pretty much right outside my door, we have a lot of projects to do!  I started the day cooking breakfast for Dustin and I, getting the laundry done, cleaning, and making two batches of cookies (not for me to eat, and one batch did NOT turn out!)  I made us a quick lunch, and after we set off outside to get some projects done.

We started by taking down a huge branch that was dead from a big tree in the barnyard (yes, I'm a country girl).  Once we got it down, we started a nice bonfire to get that cleaned up, along with all sorts of branches and crap that needed burning.  We started another pile on fire (BIG FLAME) and set off to take apart a lean-to that was in disrepair.  After moving what seemed like thousands of tires from the lean-to to another shed (I swear we should sell used tires on the internet...any takers?), we started ripping boards off of one side.

Everything was going fine and dandy until Dustin, trying to help me out, takes the crowbar and starts prying a board from the one I was currently working on.  Apparently he has been sneaking protein shakes behind my back, because he yanked the board off, making the one I was working on slam into my head, HARD.  After I figured out that I wasn't going to pass out a wave of tears started coming my way, but I held them in because Dustin looked like he was going to cry because he felt so bad.  So only a few leaked out, and I kept on working (at a distance) with a nice shiner and goose egg on the side of my face.  Lovely.

I forgot to post that Wednesday I went 5.5 miles.  Whoo hoo!  Last night (Thursday) I went to the gym (hiding, of course, from anyone that might be around from work) and did another 3.5 miles!  Yay!  I'm keeping up with my goals, which lets me know I'm doing good.  If I continue this path, I'll lose weight and become strong.  And, most importantly, I'll be able to run a half-marathon without dying.  All good things!

Happy Friday!

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