Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve!  I'm pretty excited, I love Christmas and everything about it.  My someday-to-be-mother-in-law was stressing out about everything last night, and I just sat there hoping that I don't ever get like that.  Now, I don't have to cook for many people (although I secretly would love to take that on--I love that kind of cooking pressure) or have people over at my house, so really I have nothing to stress about.  But I hope that even when I get older I will be organized enough to get stuff done so I don't have to stress over what needs to be done.

Dustin and I made two batches of fudge last night (his idea) and also made some candy covered pretzels, which are awesome.  I also sampled the fudge this morning, because I've never made it on my own and wanted to see if it turned out...DELIGHTFUL!  I'm pretty proud of our efforts and I'm looking forward to some more baking when I get off work (ok, so I'm blogging at work, but there is seriously nothing happening here) at noon.  I've for sure got to make some french bread or rolls tonight for dinner with Dustin's side of the family.

Tomorrow will prove to be a busy and fun day!  We're going to start it off by opening gifts at our house, just the two of us.  Then we shall make the long trek to his parents house (about 30 yards away from our house) and have Christmas breakfast with his family.  Then more presents and stockings.  This year we drew names and only had to get gifts for one person (besides his parents) and then we had to get everybody a stocking stuffer.  We wanted to be a little more cost effective instead of getting everybody (me, Dustin, his sisters and his sister's bf) a gift.  Thank goodness, because the bank account is already lacking funds.

After all that funness, we're going to head into town to my parents house to do gifts and stockings yet again.  Then we'll all trek to my grandma's house for Christmas dinner and our famous family gift exchange.  I just got the exciting news that Aunt N will be joining in for the exchange, so that will make for a fun *evil smile* and interesting time!

The only thing I'm a little worried about is how dinner and everything is going to go at my grandma's house.  It will be our first Christmas without my grandpa, and I'm already stressing (ok, so I'm stressing a little) about that, because we haven't really had a family event there since everyone was there during his funeral and the events leading up to it.  *By the way, in terms of New Years Resolutions, I need to visit both of my grandma's more often, like once a week at least.  They are special people!

As far as eating during the holidays, maintaining is what my plan is.  I really haven't been losing much weight, not because I can't, but mostly because I haven't been trying that hard.  I'm ok with that, mainly because I pretty much weigh what I did before college, with the exception of a few pounds.  I want to lose weight, but I'm not fat, and I don't intend on gaining any weight this Christmas.  Just eat in moderation, have fun, and be merry!  I'll get to the transformation phase again after Christmas!

In closing (since I've pretty much written a novel), I hope everybody has a great Christmas and Christmas Eve!  Have fun!

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