Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Post to a New Beginning

Here it goes!

I have always wanted to run a marathon. Crazy, right? Most people who know me know that I am not a runner, have always hated running, and would give most excuses in the world to get out of running. However, there has always been something deep down in me that has wanted to run a marathon. Well, I'm going to start with a half-marathon, and if I can actually accomplish that, I might try for a full on marathon after that.

Even if no one reads this blog, it is my way of putting my feelings out there for all to see and hold myself accountable for getting out and training for a half.

To Do List:

1. Find a half marathon in the late summer or fall to sign up for.
2. SIGN UP for the half marathon (as soon as my financial situation will permit)
3. Start training
4. Research and find a training schedule that I can stick to.
5. Find a 5k and 10k to run before half.
6. Actually accomplish my goal so I can tell people I've run a half-marathon (and survived)!

WHY List:

1. To accomplish my goal of running a half-marathon and say I can do it.
2. To lose weight.
3. To develop some sweet legs (ripped out).
4. To do something I wouldn't normally do.
5. To get in shape for my wedding (hopefully coming sooner rather than later).

Starting weight: 166 (as of 12.10.09, on my scale at home)

So, let's just see what I can accomplish and how I do!

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