Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holy Snack Attack!

So far today, my eating habits have been astonishing!  I started off the morning with one egg and two slices of *gasp* bacon, which apparently left something to be desired in my hunger bank.  I barely made it through a few hours at work when the dreaded munchies hit me, and I had just so happened to 'accidentally' grab a snack baggie of cookies that a friend had given us as I headed out the door today.  So those ended up in my mouth at an early point today.

I guess it hasn't been a horrible day, but not one for the books.  I haven't got a workout in yet, and as much as I hope it will happen tonight, I'm just not sure it will.  I'm doing a wreath making class at 5 and after I assume I will be famished and will want food. Immediately.  (Isn't it great how I can see in the future?  I know myself all too well!)  However, after that I need to get my ass to the gym and get on the treadmill for some interval training.

I have been catching up on some blogs that I'm subscribed to, and even though I find them highly motivating, it still doesn't seem to curb my snacking (while I'm reading them).  It just goes to show that motivation and willpower do not always go hand-in-hand.

So the half-marathon.  I think I've found one to do, and I'm pretty excited about it.  It is in August, but the website hasn't updated from the 2009 race yet, so I'm not sure exactly when.  Once I get it, though, it will be posted, possibly with my receipt for paying to run the race.  That will be key for me, because knowing that I have actually paid good money to enter a race will be a great motivator.

I'm also going to do my first 5k in March, which I'm also not sure when that is exactly.  It is a local run called the Shamrock Run in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  The key to this will be not going out and drinking the night before (sidenote: I was going to run our local 5k during Labor Day this year, but lo and behold I got sauced the night before and felt like crap).

So here is a tentative timeline of my goals:

Mid-March 2010--Shamrock 5k
May/June 2010--*find a 10k to put in this slot
August 2010--Haulin' Aspen Half-Marathon

I'm pretty proud of myself for at least getting this far.  One small step at a time is going to lead me to success.  Check back tomorrow to see if I actually got my workout in tonight!

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