Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog Title ~ Update

I've been thinking about my blog title--Caitlin's Half-Marathon Journey.  How boring is that?!  What was I thinking?  Also, it doesn't reflect all of my goals; I want more out of this "journey" than just running a half-marathon.  That is just my "getting there" goal.  So I changed my title to "Fit To Be Tied".  This portrays a better outlook on what I want, not just in the now, but in the future as well.  So here is a list of what this means to me:

  1. "Fit To Be Tied" means that I want to get in shape before my wedding (coming soon, I think).
  2. It means I want to be healthy and in shape throughout my marriage.
  3. It means I want to be worthy of marriage.  This doesn't mean I have to be a hot bikini wife.  It means I want to be a good wife, not just in physical looks, but emotionally, physically, mentally, and in every facet of marriage.
  4. I want to be healthy and have a healthy relationship with my husband.
  5. I want to be healthy and fit for my future children, before, during, and after pregnancy.
  6. I want to be healthy and in shape FOR MYSELF!
So essentially, I don't want to be in shape for anyone else but me, but I want to be healthy in order to have the best possible relationship I can have with myself, my (future) husband, and my (future) children.  The sooner I start this process, the better chance I have of meeting my goals and maintaining my goals.

With that said, let me give you an update, considering my last post was last Wednesday.

I haven't worked out since last Tuesday.  Blah!  Excuse after excuse has stopped me from getting a workout in and eating right.  In fact, I've downright ate like shit this weekend!  Sorry for the language, but that is really the only way to put it.  I had pizza and beer on Thursday night, and on Saturday Dustin and I went out of town to finish Christmas shopping, meaning eating out and making bad decisions.

I've wondered if a blog is really a good way for me to spur my weight loss and fitness goals.  While I know that a blog is not responsible for me losing weight, I realize that it is a way to hold myself accountable.  On the days that I did not look or think about my blog, I ate horrible.  It is a way for me to look at my goals and remind myself of why I am doing this.  And lets face it, this is a daily struggle.  Maybe even hourly.  I am thankful I have this blog and other people's motivating blogs to read, because without them I feel like I'm on my own in this struggle.  I know I have people around me that help me stick to my goals, but blogging is an added motivation.  So thank you to all the people who are struggling (that sounds bad) and who give their stories willingly to me.  It helps me know that I'm not the only person who has a hard time being healthy.

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