Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday


-1 pound

Woop Woop!!!! Down one?  How did that happen?  I was so nervous to get on the scale this morning!  Like so nervous that I thought up some good excuses not to get on it so that I'd have something to tell you guys today.  Or that I was giving myself a free pass for the week.  Well, I decided that was a bunch of crap and that this journey is about being responsible and accounting for the good and the BAD, so I stepped up to the plate...

And I lost a pound.

That goes to show that you should never give up on this journey.  Just keep pushing and never give up!

In other breaking news, I didn't get my workout in last night.  You see, I've been working in a different office for the last three days (here come the excuses).  Well, that office is an hour away from where I normally work, so on top of driving the 25 miles from my house to town where I normall work, I've been driving an extra hour EACH WAY to get to and from work.  So, in the time it normally takes me to get off work and workout and get home, I'm only just getting back to town.  And then I have another 25 miles to go to get home.  Excuses.

We also had friends over last night for an impromtu dinner.  Really, that meant me slaving over the stove, trying to come up with something decent for dinner because I wasn't planning on cooking.  I WAS planning on Dustin eating bratwurst, which would have worked for dinner with our friends except for the fact that Dustin happened to eat most of it for lunch that afternoon.  FAIL.

Instead we had elk steak (YUMMO!) and it was tender and not gamey at all.  Everything turned out just fine and we had a good evening!

My dog had to go to the vet today to get spayed :(

I hated leaving her there, and she has to stay the night.  Dustin made his dad take her because he didn't want her to hate him when she gets home!  His dad said that Tallie was fine when he first got there, but another dog showed up and started barking and she just started shaking uncontrollably!  It makes me want to cry, she is my baby!  (And yes, I'll probably someday end up being the crazy dog lady, if I'm not already.  Better than being a crazy cat lady though.)  I'm considering taking tomorrow off work just so I can spend the day with her.  Ok, I won't but I want to. 

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  1. HEY! There's nothing wrong with crazy cat ladies!!!! ;-)

    Congrats on the pound gone. Keep making healthy choices.


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