Monday, February 22, 2010

Awesome purchase

It's a whole new week!  Notice how time is flying by this year?  It's already the end of February!  How crazy is that?  I'd like to say that I'm right on target with my goals, but in fact, I'm a little behind.  Even though I'm behind, I'm still doing well and am continuously making the effort to be healthy and get fit!

This weekend I headed to a distant city with a few friends for a day of girl talk and shopping.  It was pretty fun, but by the end of it I was drained.  My best purchase of the day?  The 30 Day Shred with Jillian and some 5-pound hand weights!  I'd been talking to a friend about the Shred, and she had Netflixed it, so while we were in the big city for the day we both bought it.  Now we can hold each other accountable for it!

Yesterday I felt like crap.  I've been on the verge of getting sick for the past few days, and even though it still didn't hit full force yesterday, I was drained and couldn't focus my eyes all day.  I'm doing my best to fight it, though, and tried to eat healthy and drink LOTS of water to counter it.  I still had cabin fever and felt like I needed a workout, so Dustin took me out for a walk/hike around a butte by our house.  It felt great!

Also, because I can't seem to sit still while I'm sick (when I'm perfectly healthy I sit on my ass), I started the Shred last night.  Dustin sat and watched me sweat and look like a dork for the entire 20 minutes, but it felt good.  Out of any workout video I've ever done, I liked this the best.  The moves are simple, but still hard.  And I'm pretty sore today.  Day one completed, tonight I'm on to Day 2!

I'm also going to try to get in a quick run when I get off work.  I'm feeling much better today, so I think I'll try and push myself a little bit.

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