Monday, February 22, 2010


Erica H. over at I Run Because...I Can is hosting a giveaway for One More Mile running apparel!  Head on over to her site HERE and enter to win....but please don't because I'd like to win it myself!

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  1. Hey Caitlin!
    Thanks for the heads-up on Erica's OMM running gear! :-)

    Also, wanted to send you HUGE, HUGE, HUGE bloggyland HUGS and MOTIVATION!!!! I'm so glad you're running w/ us in the Pay it Forward 500 Mile Club. Listen to your inner voice (Positive Patty, not Negative Nancy!).

    In the meantime, I'm shouting (kindly, but firmly) to you from Orlando.... Get out there and do it, girl!!! You've got a 5K coming up, and you CAN DO IT!!!

    There. How's that? Enough motivation for one day? I'll be back.... :-)

    robin aka the turtle runner aka YOUR personal cheerleader when you need one!

    *Have a terrific Tuesday!


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