Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm not Catholic.  However, I like the idea of giving something up, or changing a bad habit for 40 days.  Not just to say I can do it, but for true self-improvement.  So here are four things I've come up with that I'm going to change/give up:
  1. No diet soda.  I just finished one, and as I was drinking it I thought about how much better off I'd be to drink water instead.  Oh, and that includes regular soda also, but I really don't drink it much.
  2. Take my vitamins everyday, twice a day.  As directed.  I know I should be doing this and I've just been slacking...not planning, so I'm planning to fail.
  3. Track something that I'm grateful/thankful for everyday.  I'll do it on this blog for the tracking part.
  4. No sweets during the day.  I'd like to say, this is not ALL day.  It's during the day, and if I want a treat, I can have it at night after dinner.  And that is only if I'm good during the day.
So that isn't so bad.  These are things I'd just really like to work on, so what's better than a good 40 days to do that right now while everyone else is giving things up.  We're all in the same boat now!  (And by the way, I can't have dessert tonight because I've already had some sweets today--in the form of Girl Scout cookies...but don't worry, after today's weigh-in, every ounce is being accounted for!)

Wish me luck!  (No, I don't need luck, I just need determination and an iron will!)

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