Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Mashup

Hello!!!  It's been a few days since I've posted, so bear with me on this one.  I have a lot to say.

To start, I'll recap the weekend.  On Friday when I got off work, I headed straight to the gym (read: 20 yards from my office) and put in 2 miles on the treadmill.  It wasn't quite the long run I was hoping for, but my legs were shot and I still had to go home and Shred.  So once it was out of the way, I made a break for home....once I got there I crawled into bed and turned on my electric blanket because I was freezing!  Dustin was away this weekend, so I came home to a cold house and didn't feel like walking my lazy ass out to get wood for the stove.

After about half an hour of reading in bed (I'm reading My Sister's Keeper) I finally talked myself into doing the Shred.  This was quite the NSV for me, because on any other day I probably would have talked myself into staying in bed and not finishing my workout.  By the time I got done with Jillian, I was toast.  I ate a small meal and then did what anyone would do on a Friday night....headed back to bed!  It was pretty nice--I watched Gilmore Girls (which I don't get to watch when Dustin is home) and fell asleep!

Saturday I woke up early to get ready to go to Bend with my parents.  Why is it that I can wake up at 5:30 easily on Saturdays and Sundays, but when the weekdays roll around, I can't hardly get my ass up by 6?  Anyway, I had a great day with my parents, although my eating left something to be desired.  I guess you could say that eating ice cream for dinner was not the most nutritionally enticing dinner I could have imagined.  I did not, however, overeat--I just didn't make healthy choices.

Sunday I woke up to my dog whining to go outside.  Time: 6:30.  I just can't do it.  Sleeping in is a thing of the past for me!  I attempted to crawl out of bed, but it was FREEZING in the bedroom.  Even though I didn't build a fire, we still have a monitor in our room, so I knew it could only mean one thing...we were out of monitor fuel.  Damn it, now it's cold everywhere in the house.  Except for the bathroom, because we have a mini heater in there.

I got up and found some blankets and chilled out in front of the tv with some hot coffee and breakfast.  I had the makings of a pretty lazy day, but I took one look at our house and decided it needed to be cleaned...badly!  So I got up and worked on it for a few hours (barely made a dent in it) and then decided to head outside.  It was warmer outside than it was in our house!!!  I quickly went in and changed into my workout clothes and headed down the road for a run.

Our driveway has a fork in it and you can either go the long way or the short way to get out (each has their pros and cons).  I took the short way and still ended up running 4 miles.  It felt so good to get out in the sunshine.  My dog went with me and she spent the whole time searching for squirrels (FYI, she caught her first squirrel that morning and was super proud of it!)  After I got back in I Shredded and had a snack.  Dustin came home not long after and we vegged on the couch for awhile before hitting up the hot tub.   After, we ate dinner with his fam and went and watched the hockey game that we DVR'd.

All-in-all....a great weekend.  If you didn't notice, I didn't mention anything about Shredding on Saturday.  It didn't happen.  I should have got up a little earlier to get it done before leaving for Bend, but I didn't.  I don't regret it though, because my legs were pretty sore and I really think I needed the break.  I got right back to it on Sunday and I plan on doing it all this week.

February recap:

Miles ran: 34.5
~I definitely didn't meet my goal of 66 miles.  I could have and should have got more runs in, but I'm still satisfied with my efforts and feel like I'm getting in pretty good shape.  I can see results, so that is a great feeling!

Ending weight: 164
~I had some ups and downs, but since my weigh-ins are on Wednesdays, I'm not going to weigh myself until then (ok, that's a big fat lie, because I got on this morning; however, I'm not going to tell you guys until my real weigh-in day).

February: SUCCESS
I'll post my March goals in another post.  This one was just getting too long!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Congratulations on signing up for the half marathon. I did it the hard way and went directly from 5ks to marathons. A half is a great way to go.

    Fabulous progress on your road to fitness! I've been down that road too, and have been able to maintain a 30 pound weight loss for about 10 years (give or take 5 pounds up or down due to life.) I look forward to getting to know you. :)

  2. Wow. You have some serious "stay motivated" workout skills. I think I would croak if I did what you do. :):) I'm a Shred gal, too, btw. I do the video when I can't get to the gym, though....not in addition to it. You rock! February was awesome, gal. Thanks for popping in on my blog. You won the 'Grains of Goodness' giveaway. Send me an email with your address ASAP, okay. Congrats! With everything!

  3. Congrats on a very successful month - WTG!


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