Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blah Tuesday

I'm having a little trouble coming up with something good to talk about today.  In fact, that's pretty much how my whole day is--boring and blah!  I've been working hard at the office all afternoon (so glad I was actually busy today!) and now I'm getting off work and catching an early dinner with Dustin.

After dinner he's heading over to a friend's to pick his winners for the college basketball practice....I'll be heading over to the gym to get in a "last chance workout" before my weigh-in tomorrow.  I've got a lot of good exercise planned, and I'm really looking forward to kicking my butt!  Hopefully my inner Jillian voice will come out when I'm thinking about giving up!


I guess I never updated about the rest of my weekend.  It wasn't really that exciting, but here goes.  I got home on Saturday after my 5k and an afternoon of planting hanging baskets at Dustin's family's greenhouse.  He had told me one of his old college buddies was coming down because he had a bachelor party that weekend.  Well, his friend's bachelor party made their way to our house, where they shot squirrels and blew things up like only men can do.  After that, six random (ok, five because we knew Dustin's buddy already) people came over for dinner (thank goodness they brought it) and ended up drinking beer at our house all night long.

After that, they proceeded to stay at our house, which at the moment is not set up for one or two overnight guests, let alone six, so they all slept on the hardwood floor or wherever they could find some couch space.   Dustin and I got up Sunday morning and cooked them all breakfast, and after that they all headed out to shoot some more stuff ALL FREAKING DAY LONG!  I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was a gorgeous day and Dustin and I have A TON of crap to get done before the wedding.  Once they finally left around 5 that evening, they had fed Dustin enough alcohol to last me a lifetime, rendering him useless to me for the rest of the day!  Love it when my weekend plans get spoiled!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!

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