Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

Today's result:  161!!!!  It was so close to 160 (I still have a scale that isn't digital...) that I almost decided to put it down, but I'm going with 161 just to be safe.  That's a 3 pound loss from last week, and 1 pound lighter than I've gone on this whole journey!

I think Jillian is paying off!  Even though I've missed skipped a couple days of it, it is really making me stronger.  I've also gotten in a few runs lately and my eating habits have been pretty good.  So maybe they were right when they said (I don't know who "they" is by the way) that eating good and working out is the way to go for this whole weight loss thing.  Huh.

It's now time to get off celebration cruise and buckle down for another week.  I made Rolo cookies last night for some unknown reason and I'm trying to not eat them all.  Hopefully Dustin will have eaten every last one of them by the time I get home.  Either that or I will need to sleep while running on the treadmill tonight.  One way or the other....

I got up and Shredded this morning.  I think I'm ready to move up to Level 2 because even though I still sweat and get my heartrate going for level 1, it's much easier than last week.  Time to shock my body again!  Going to get a few miles in tonight too!  I got in 2.5 miles during lunch yesterday.  I'm going to meet my mileage goal this month for once!

My stomach is making some weird noises right about now.  I have headphones on with music playing and I can still hear it.  It's not upset but it seems like there is some serious digestion going on!

*Please excuse my exclamation point usage in this post!  I get a little outta control sometimes!


  1. Great weigh in! Baked goods are a weakness of mine too, can't bake unless i'm taking it somewhere ;-)

  2. Congrats on the progress!

    Yeah, exercise and proper nutrition. I guess "they" knew what they were talking about!

    Speaking of nutrition... What are Rolo cookies?


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