Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

 Here it goes:
  1. I got my hair cut last night after work.  It's hot!  I totally (like, valley girl?) had a run planned after I got done at the stylist.  But she straightened and fixed my hair!  I don't do that very often, so I had to take advantage of the fact that my hair was pretty, and I skipped my workout.  And when I showered this morning I didn't wash my hair, and it is still pretty.  Anyone else ever do that?
  2. I'm SO close to sending out my save-the-dates!  We're reaching the point where it's almost pointless to send them out, so I've been working my butt off getting them finished.  Minus a few printer problems I'm having, they're coming along nicely!
  3. I have 6 miles planned for today's run.  I'm going to do it tonight after work, and I don't have any excuses this time.  Especially since I'll have to wash my hair tonight, because it won't look as pretty tomorrow if I don't.

1 comment:

  1. You are totally rocking the long runs! I don't blame you for skipping the run last night, when your hair looks good, its worth waiting! lol


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