Monday, March 15, 2010

ShamRun 5k: Girl Scouts, Snow, and Prizes!

I get to do my first race recap today!!  Yay!  Prepare for a long-winded approach to a not so exciting race!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty good.  I've been sick for almost a week, but I knew that I could ignore that fact for a few hours because nothing was stopping me from doing this race.

There was a skiff of snow on the ground at my house.  Translate that into town weather (I live about 26 miles from "town") and add a inch or two.  This made me a little nervous because I haven't ran much outside, let alone on snow/ice.  I packed myself up for a day in town and made the lovely drive in.  By the time I got there I was starting to get nervous, which made me mad, because I kept telling myself that "it's only a 5k."  Well, once I thought about it, it was my FIRST 5k and a chance to show myself that the hard work I've been doing has paid off.

Once I got to the high school track, which is where the race started (and finished), I felt better about the whole situation.  There weren't too many people, and I knew almost everyone there because of the small town atmosphere.  About 3 minutes after I arrived, several Girl Scouts started to come, and I learned that a local troop was doing the 5k walking portion.  Great, I get to hang out with the little kids all day.

So after a quick quarter mile race for some little kids, we got to the starting line.  The race director explained the course to us and then the Grand Marshall of the town's St. Patrick's Day Celebration started us off!

I started my iPod and was on my way.  Because of the snow and ice, they changed the course up and it was just going to be a out and back race.  It started with about 300 meters around the track and then onto the pavement.  Even though my feet were a little numb and I had some lovely phlegm building up, it felt good to RUN! 

Me and another lady I know only as an aquaintance started out pacing each other.  I was glad to have someone with me for the first half mile or so, but then she took off ahead of me.  I ran by myself for about the next mile and passed her when she decided to walk before the halfway point.  Not that I was in any way trying to spite her, but it felt good to know that I was able to run that whole way, as that was one of my goals for the race.

After turning back from halfway point, I began to have some doubts.  I knew I could run the whole thing, and I just kept telling myself to keep going and be proud of what I was accomplishing!  With about a half a mile to go I just kept my pace up (which for most is just a step ahead of a shuffle) and cranked up my tunes.  I got to the track, which was the last leg of the race, and pumped myself up to step up my game to pull out a great finish!  I made it about halfway around the track when I thought I was going to puke my guts out!  I was pushing myself, but I didn't think I was pushing THAT hard.  I quickly realized that it was probably from the cold meds I'd taken that morning.

The feeling passed just as quickly as it had came and I cranked it up for the last part of the lap!  It felt so good to finish!

3.1 miles (I don't have a cool Garmin so I can't post multiple stats)
30:58 ~ 9:50 min/mile

My goal was to do it in 30 or under, but I just couldn't pull it out.  However, that is my first and only PR, so it will be something to beat next time!

I came in first in my age group!  I should let you all think I'm bad ass, but I was the only person in my age group.  Period.  I live in a small town, what can I say?

I came in first in the women's category.  Remember the other lady I was running with?  She was the only other woman to actually run the course, so I beat her.

I waited around because they were going to give out prizes.  My prize for winning my age group?  A box of store bakery cookies.  Pretty exciting, huh?  All in all, a great day!

More to come later for the rest of my weekend recap!


  1. Awesome work Caitlin, and what a great time for your first race, you totally blew me out of the water, my first 5k was 32:31. WTG!

  2. Congrats on your first 5K and your first PR... that is sooo cool! And a terrific pace, friend! I'd LOVE to get that close to 30:00!!

    HUGS from Orlando...


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