Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday Funday

Horrible title...sorry about that!

After my run on Saturday, I went to the store for some much needed groceries.  We have been trying to eat up some wedding food (read: pasta salad), but have finally either finished some of it off or have thrown it away.  It's been a week, and by now we are either sick of eating our weight in pasta salad and cut up fruit or it has gone bad.  We still have about 15 tri tips in the freezer though, and will be slowly eating our way through that for the next few months.

Saturday night was a bridal shower/bachelorette party for a cousin.  She's marrying Dustin's best friend, and although we've had issues in the past (not she and I, but just her in general...long story), we had an excellent time with our friends and ended the night at a new bar/grill in town.  I was proud of myself because normally, I'd be the one to stay out late and drink, but I capped my night off with water and drove home (I still didn't get home until 1:30!).

Sunday was a fun day for me.  Not fun in the sense that I got to do something new and exciting, but fun because I didn't have any expectations!  Our house is still a mess from all the presents and wedding stuff, and I slowly went through and organized *almost* everything while watching DVR'd episodes of Grey's on the couch!  What a great day!  I've been getting up and working on house/wedding stuff for so long that I haven't had a weekend day to just RELAX!

We also put together our brand new BBQ last night, so many great meals to come on it!  Yay!

A few more pictures from the wedding:

I'm looking pretty mischevious!

Just married!

My parents!

Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on the wedding! and on getting things organized! My life always feels crazy when there is clutter surrounding me! Now, you go ahead and exercise for me too, k?

  2. you made a stunning bride - congrats!

  3. Great pictures you all look so happy. glad to hear you finally had a day to just do whatever.

  4. What a beautiful bride! I popped over from Jenn's blog.


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