Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday was awesome.  Awesome eating, awesome training, awesome day!

After not getting in much exercise over the weekend (more on that later), I decided to start the week off right.  I had a great day of eating, getting in lots of water (read: going to the bathroom at work so many times I lost count), and ending the day with some great miles.  After work, Dustin and I went out to a new Mexican restaurant in town (good food, bad service, weird atmosphere).  I had the mango chicken but only ate about a third so I didn't have any excuse to talk myself out of running.

Dustin went to a round-up meeting (go cowboy...he's vice president at fair this year, which shows you how redneck we really are) and I headed to workout.  My stomach wasn't feeling very good as a result of TOM and ingesting a minimal amount of spicy salsa, so I decided that the treadmill at my work gym would be my safest route.

The downside of my work gym is that there is no air conditioning and the windows are all facing west, so it is hotter than HELL in there in the evening.  I kept all the lights off and hit the treadmill.  By the first half mile, I looked like I'd been running for hours.  Drenched!

I wasn't sure if I was going to make it long, but kept working on my intervals, not letting myself get off!  I ended up doing 3.7 miles before throwing in the towel and heading home for the night!

Ok, here comes the weekend workout excuse:  SNAKES!

My fear came to a head this weekend when my mother-in-law told me she saw a giant rattlesnake at the foot of our driveway, right where I had run past the night before.  Thus, no running on the road for awhile at home.  All running will be done in town before I go home at night, either outside on safer roads or on the work treadmill.  While Dustin assures me that I would still be fine running on our driveway, I prefer to stay away from any and all snake encounters.  Yuck!


  1. so glad you are joining me! So exciting!

  2. Hang in there! I totally get the snake encounter thing... they would keep me in the house, for sure!


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