Monday, May 17, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

Can you believe it?  I'm back!  I just checked and it's been well over a month since I've posted!  That is unacceptable!  I wish I could say it's because I have been so busy putting in my mileage and workouts, but that is certainly NOT the case.  I have been super busy, but I've definitely been slacking in the training department.

Recap of the last month or so:
  • My job got extremely busy.  While this is great (I was previously bored out of my mind), I haven't made the transition that well.  Work took over and other areas of my life (and body) have suffered in the process.
    • I travelled for a week for training
    • I am busy training new employees
  • I had my first bridal shower.  It was a small one put on for both me and another friend who's wedding is before mine.  Our mutual friend put it on and it was fantastic!
  • I travelled to Las Vegas for that friend's bachelorette party!  It was great--I'll post some pictures below of my month recap...
  • Dustin and I are extremely busy getting everything ready for our wedding!  The invites are in their final stages of being completed (YAY!), we got some engagement photos taken, our wedding flowers are ready and waiting to be planted at his family's greenhouse, and we've been busy getting the ranch cleaned up.
  • On that note, we still have a TON to do!  We've been busy, but it usually gets interrupted by other ranch work.  We've also been busy branding and getting cattle ready to go out to pasture.
Notice what has been left out of the mix?  EXERCISE!  I have done a little, but definitely not what I should have been doing.  However, today is officially:


I'm ready to start and kick butt.  However, I know a few things have to change.  I need to become more organized with my time.  That is one reason why I haven't been working out, because I feel like I have other things that are way more important to do.  If I prioritized my time better, I would have time for exercise and all of the other items on my agenda.

Thanks to all who have stuck with me in my absense.  Feel free to HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!

Some pics of my travels--


  1. I hope you had a blast in Vegas! Time to make time for yourself! You're going to rock that half-marathon! I know it! :)

  2. Yayy!!! I get just as excited over hearing about other people's training plans as I do my own, I think! You will be great, can't wait to hear how training goes. =)


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